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Paints silicate-acrylic water dispersion

Technical specification: ВУ 100006485.003-2005


Paint silicate-acrylic water-dispersion represents itself suspension of pigments and fillers in water solution of potassium silicate (sodium silicate) with addition of acrylic dispersion and various auxiliary substances (dispergator, thickener).


  • Matte white paint with the high covering ability, light resistance, weatherability, steam permeability and low water absorption. Environmentally safe.
  • Aqueous solution of potassium silicate (sodium silicate) as a part of paints increases durability of adhesion bond with the painted surface.
  • Paint is produced in various colors.


It is intended for external and internal coloring of bulidings and constructions on brick, concrete, plastered, wooden (except floors) surfaces, fireboard, chipboard, gypsum cardboard. It is recommended booth for coloring of new facades and for renew of old and also for works in rooms with the increased humidity and content of harmful air impurity.


  • Before putting paint at the old painted surface completely delete cretaceous and limy surfaces, leaky coverings, impurities, oil paints. The cleaned surface is covered with water, if necessary to ground.


  • Paint is ready to application.
  • Before application paint is carefully mixed, for the first layer dilution by water is allowed (no more than 6% of volume).
  • Paint is covered on the dry, prepared surface with a brush, roller or air brush in two layers with intermediate drying by 1-1,5 hours at a temperature of 18-20 degrees .
  • Tio cover paint with a uniform layer before receiving a uniform surface.
  • By numerous covering each layer is covered whenever possible in one direction.

PACKING 4-27 kg. Packing in a container in coordination with consumers is possible.