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Sodium nonahydrate metasilicate


  • Form: fine crystalline powder or shapeless pieces with tints of gray or yellow, is a sodium silicate salt hydrated by alkaline sodium silicate.
  • Mass fraction of general alkalinity in terms of Na2O, no less than 20,5%.
  • Mass fraction of Silicon dioxide (SiO2) no less than 19,0%
  • Mass fraction of R2O3 oxides no more than 0,2%
  • Mass fraction of general humidity no more than 59,0%
  • The fraction size is no more than 4 mm (permitted proportion of fraction size from 2 to 10 mm- no more than 10% of the total mass);
  • Hydrated matasilicate is a strong alkaline and is identical to alkaline solutions.


Is used:

  • In textile industry as bleaching means for fabrics and yarns.
  • In soap, fat, chemical industry as a component for synthetic washing means (ML-1, ML-2, Dezmol, Posudomoy etc.).
  • In paint and varnish industry for latex paint production.