JSC «Domanovsky Production and Trade Plant»

Marketing department:+375 (1645) 54-2-83 

Director:+375 (1645) 54-2-98

Director reception:+375 (1645) 54-2-17


The activity of the enterprise has begun since August, 1944 with small production associations of Raypromkombinat.

Main stages of development:

1963 – 2001- plant of construction materials, v. Domanovo

2001-2004 - Municipal unitary enterprise «Domanovsky Production and Trade Plant»

2004- Joint stock company «Domanovsky production and trade plant»

The purpose of activity of society is implementation of the economic activity directed to receiving profit, expansion and improvement of material resources of the enterprise, satisfaction of social and economic interests of the labor character.

The primary activities of the enterprise are:

20130 – production of other products of the main chemistry – 98,12%

20301 – water-dispersion paints and varnishes production, enamels of mineral pigments from them - 0,21%

23611 – precast concrete product – 0,69%